Just back from holidays!

02 September 2010

The girls and I have just returned from a fantastic ten-days in the Charente-Maritime, where we stayed at Le Vieux Monastere. It was a stunning place and was brilliantly hosted by Graham and Christine Dove. I’ll write a report over the next few days as it’s a wonderful place and perfect for people with small children.

Congratulations to Henry and Ginnie on their wedding, which took place last weekend in Cornwall. It was a grand affair and when I get some details from best-man Andreas I’ll post those as well.

Sharon Mitchell, (also known as Doctor Bennett) has returned from her annual volunteer trip to Rwanda where she is helping to build a new medical facility. Chris will be posting a link for those who want to contribute to her charity in the next few days. Well done Sharon!

If you know your dates please get in touch to help avoid confusion, especially around the Christmas/New Year period.

Stay tuned for further updates soon!

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