After a cloudy start

29 March 2008

After a cloudy start the skies cleared almost immediately and we enjoyed a stunning day of sunshine. Chris and I headed to the Glacier Pers for a change of pace and left great tracks all the way down. The snow wasn’t nearly as deep as what we skied yesterday but it was very pleasant with 10cm’s or so on a firm base. Andreas took my mate Max and his ten-year-old daughter Olivia into the Sache and she skied brilliantly making her Daddy proud. TJ was out on his skis today for the first time and warmed up gently before diving into the Col Pers. He felt pretty good for his first day and hasn’t had a bad reaction from the skiing, which is all good news. Millie and Gill went out for a ski and Millie skied the Arcelle piste and the ‘L’ this afternoon. Good girl! Suzanne is back from a week in England where she went to a wedding as well as paying a visit to Jan and Henley. Another sunny day is forecast tomorrow with clouds rolling in during the afternoon with snow arriving for Monday.

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