Pinch, punch, first day of the month!

01 October 2010

What an absolutely foul day we have for the first day of October. It’s wet and windy, and just the kind of weather that reminds me of how much more I prefer snow to rain. As the best of the golfing weather is behind us I’m about to switch into ‘winter mode’.

Speaking of golf, what a stinker of a day for the opening matches of the Ryder Cup! They only played about four holes this morning before play was suspended. And it’s a big weekend for the Hammers as we play Fulham at home and hopefully we can keep improving and pick-up three massive points. All you Man U fans will be pleased that Berbatov is starting to fire on all cylinders, especially now that Rooney’s life and health have been turned upside down. Just think, Fergie almost sold him!

Stay tune for more news soon.

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