Thanks Dan and Denise!

20 October 2010

Dan and Denise have kindly sent the link to an interview mixed with some skiing video taking last winter. If you’d like to have a look log-on to the link above.

My Mum and Dad are arriving on Friday for a two-week visit. Millie and Katie are really looking forward to seeing them again, as well as having ten-days off school. Millie is loving her new school and has joined the gym and basketball clubs, while Katie is doing well also.

Chris and Suzanne have had a busy summer working on their Gite and are rewarding themselves with a month in Australia before the season starts. Bon Voyage!

I was just watching the Calgary Flames highlites against the Nashville Predators. Terrific ice hockey!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon as the new season is nearly upon us. All we need now is some snow!

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