01 November 2010

Andreas phoned to say that he’s had his first ski of the season in Tignes a couple of days ago. He ‘skinned’ up the closed Lanches piste until he’d had enough then skied down in 5 cm’s on a perfectly groomed piste. There has been a decent amount of early snow but the dreaded Foehn wind has been blowing during the past day or two, resulting in a bit of a ‘melt-down’. It has been however, a very promising start leading up to the opening on the 27th of November.

I’m arriving on the 25th but in the meantime I’m enjoying my parents visit and the golf that Dad and I are playing. I managed to recover from three consecutive poor tee-shots on the back-nine to win the MacMillan Cancer Charity tournament on Friday. I was really chuffed and Millie was extremely proud of me. (She’d asked me to bring her back a trophy when we left in the morning but you can’t really promise too much in these circumstances) Anyway, Dad and I are taking Millie and Katie to play a few holes today and ride around in the buggy, followed by a plate of chips in the Clubhouse afterwards. I just happy that they’ve shown interest and have asked to come and watch.

I won’t mention too much about the football as the Hammers are in serious trouble although I’ve confidence that Grant will get them back on track. (I’ve been called worse than an eternal optimist)

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