The forecast was spot-on

30 March 2008

The forecast was spot-on as we had sun in the morning followed by a slightly cloudy afternoon but the Foehn wind howled all day long. The wind was a big factor and closed down the Grande Motte sector, including Les Lanches. I skied with Max and his ten-year-old twins Olivia and Alex and we ventured into the Sachette, the Familial, and the front-side of the Borast. What a brilliant performance from such young off-pisters! Andreas and Thomas were in the same area as well as Chris who skied an excellent Little Lavachet en route. TJ continued to test his knee with a Sache and Familial, and so far, so good, knock on your noodle! We’re expecting a difficult day tomorrow with flat-light and strong winds, but hopefully with a few centimetres of fresh snow to play with to ease the pain.

PS. Jean Ribart had put his season’s photo on the web so check out our links page!

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