What a lovely day!

11 November 2010

It’s a stunning day in Val d’Isere today! I just checked the webcams to see fresh snow with a brilliant blue sky, and it was rather enticing to say the least. I leave two-weeks today and with this wet and windy weather it makes it easy to look forward to!

Gill was out with the year-one Mums last night so I blubbed the night away watching the ‘Pride of Britain Awards’, which was incredibly moving. It’s worth a look on i-player if you missed it. Meanwhile I was wearing my new Hammers shirt and constantly checking the West Ham score on the computer. We are so in need of a win but in the last couple of games we’ve managed to score at least two, which is an improvement. Still, it’s going to be a long winter for Hammers fans!

See you all soon!

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