A potentially great start to the season!

20 November 2010

The anticipation is building as the new season approaches and from the look of the webcams we could be in for a fantastic start to the winter. I’m really looking forward to it now as I’m preparing and packing to leave next Thursday. Winter seems to be on people’s minds now as the regularity of the bookings is increasing daily.

Millie and Katie have both been given permission from their schools to return for another winter, which will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to them both building on the French as they are very close now to being bi-lingual, and another season or two will make a huge difference to their development. It will also be a pleasure to watch their skiing come on and they are both talking about some powder sessions.

On the sports front, I’m a little depressed with how the Hammers season has started. Being an optimist I don’t think we’ve played that poorly and we haven’t picked up some points I thought we deserved. Hopefully we can beat Liverpool this afternoon and turn the corner and look forward to some better results in the near future. (I love Steven Gerrard but must admit to being secretly pleased when he limped off at the end of the England match. I would have been happier for him to only miss one match however!) The Calgary Flames ice hockey team aren’t doing much better although they had a big win last night, the Phoenix Suns aren’t yet playing to their potential,in the NBA, but at least the Steelers are doing well in the American football.

Stay tuned as the Daily Diary will be up and running with daily ski and snow reports as the new season begins November 27th.

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