Flat-light but a great start!

27 November 2010

We had a surprisingly good morning today to kick off our season. It was overcast with light snow falling so visibility or to be more precise, lack of, was going to be the main factor. Fortunately, for a flat-light day we had just enough vision to ski off-piste all-morning long. Although the snow cover is thin on the lower half of the mountain, anything above 2400m is nicely covered and the snow quality for the most part was excellent and we profited with some great skiing. I had Penny, Sharon M, Mark W, ‘Johnny-Alpine’, and John and Margaret along and although the light was flat and it was fairly cold (-12C in town this morning) with some wind, we avoided the hot-chocolate stop that I’d promised around 11 o’clock. After opening up the Familial, which was terrific, Sharon was then clipped by a skier flying by at a ridiculous speed in the tunnel on the Verte and she hurt her ankle and had to go home. Hopefully it won’t be too serious although I doubt she’ll be able to ski tomorrow. (She was heading towards a ‘skier-of-the-morning award’ as well.) Light snow is forecast for the afternoon and into the night ahead so we should have another good day tomorrow.

One the news front, our new secretary Sophie will be starting today. She doesn’t know any of the Alpine clients so please help her out by telling her who you’d like to ski with (if you have a preference). It will take her awhile to get to know you all so please help her out where you can and give her a good old ‘Alpine’ welcome! She loves to ski, telemark, climb, travel, take photos and Sophie speaks very good English as well. I think she’ll fit in quite nicely!

The Les Tufs era as we know it has come to an end as Jean Max and Francette’s family have sold the restaurant. I’m not too sure who has taken it over but I wish them luck. We enjoyed many a superb meal at Les Tufs over the years and we all really enjoyed Jean Max and Francette’s company. I’ll let you know when I here so news about what they are doing with themselves now.

On the Hammer’s front, it’s do or die today. If we fail to beat Wigan I fear the wheels will fall off! I believe there might be a big rugby match or two this afternoon as well!

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