A big hello to class 3W!

28 November 2010

It was a trickier morning today due to lack of sleep, flat-light, and denser snow, all of which lead to me skiing a little defensively and feeling a bit disjointed. Still, we had a pretty good morning and managed to kick-off the first plaque of the season to add to the ambience. It was a good reminder that even though it’s November and there isn’t that much snow, anytime there’s been wind there will always be a bit of snow somewhere that doesn’t need much tempting. The plaque only slid for about ten metres but it certainly woke us up! Around noon we treated ourselves to a quick hot chocolate and when we came back out the visibility had greatly improved so we finished off with a cracking good run while skiing much more positively. (Still, it was one of those mornings that I was pleased to get down in one piece) Penny picked up a ‘splat du jour’ award with an impressive park-and-fly, while John F (Johnny Alpine) was ‘skier of the morning’. Unfortunately Sharon couldn’t ski today after injuring her ankle yesterday. Andreas was also skiing with Tony W and his son Alex and they went exploring in Tignes. We could use some snow but if it’s not going to snow properly I’d love to see the sun come out, which Johnny Alpine promises me tomorrow.

I’d like to say hello to Millie and Katie who are finishing up school before coming out for the season on Boxing Day. At seven-years-of-age Millie now turns on the computer, types in the password, then checks the Alpine website to see how I’m doing. She also shows her 3W class at Tillingbourne the site, and the Val d’Isere webcams. Good girl and hello to Mrs. Wolfe and Millie’s classmates!

I was well pleased with the Hammers win yesterday but a bit bummed about Wolves saving themselves at the death. Anyway, Mick D will be happy! I can’t log-on at home so I’m not too sure what’s happening with the cricket and too bad about the rugby yesterday.

PS Wow! I just checked the cricket score. What a fantastic comeback by England and hopefully they can keep it going. Come on boys! (I’m now slipping out to watch Hot Spur and Liverpool)

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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