What a day!

29 November 2010

What a difference a good night sleep makes! I was in bed by nine, read until ten, then slept like a log. Just as well to be well rested as the wind woke me around 6 o’clock and when I looked outside it was snowing and blowing a gale. My first thought was “Bloody hell, another tough flat-light morning”. The forecast was for a sunny day and by nine there were a few clear patches and it gradually improved until it turned cloudless sky around 11 o’clock. Seeing the much improved visibility at the Gourmandine and banking on the forecast being correct we headed up to the Fornet to see what was on offer, and we weren’t disappointed! We hiked up for about 2 minutes from the top of the Pyramid Chairlift to cut a high track into the Combe du Signal and the snow was fantastic. After three rotations of 80-turn pitches in 30cm’s we ’skinned’ up for twenty minutes to enter the Combe from further up. Again the snow was light and untouched by the wind and towards the bottom we cut off left from the piste and traversed way out to the slopes accessed by the Laisinant Express for some bonus turns. It was so good Mark, John and I decided to do another rotation from the Pyramid and we finished up at 1:45. It was a cracking morning of great snow and total solitude as we were the only skiers using the Combe du Signal. On the way home on the bus John said, “ I’ve skied the Fornet before when it’s quiet, but I’ve never seen nobody!” (The glacier was shut due to wind so that may have put people off, otherwise the town is empty) I think it’s forecast for more light snow and flat-light, but I’d love another sunny day first.

What a wonderful performance by England to save the first test after a dreadful start. Well done boys on showing class, determination and a real fighting spirit. Brilliant! And what a great win for Roger over Rafa, both of who are also class personified.

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