It didn't look good first thing this morning

31 March 2008

It didn’t look good first thing this morning looking out my bedroom window as it was grey and there was no evidence of fresh snow. But, as soon as I left the apartment with Katie there was a dusting of snow on the rocks on the peaks and a ‘light-bulb’ showing through the cloud cover, meaning some sort of fresh snow with decent visibility. We were pleasantly surprised to find 5 to 10 centimetres on the top of Bellevarde and as soon as we left the piste off the Verte and Borsat Nord we knew that the ‘stinker’ would have to wait for another day. I skied a good Leisse off the Motte followed by a 90-turn pitch on the Rosilin in excellent snow and visibility before the lights went out. Our next run on the Glacier from the summit of the Motte was an adventure as we needed to feel our way down through a fog (fortunately the snow was brilliant) and then we skied the Kern and Familial to finish. Chris had a couple of runs on the Rosilin and Andreas was around the Col des Ves as everyone had a very good morning when expectations were low. TJ worked today warming up with a beginner but I haven’t heard from him yet. It has snowed lightly all day and sun is forecast for the next couple of days.

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