Not the easiest of mornings!

30 November 2010

I was promised another sunny day today and went to bed last night hoping for the best. Unfortunately the day started grey and windy and didn’t get any better. We headed back up to the Fornet and enjoyed a very good run in the Combe du Signal, as the snow had remained protected from the wind. From there we boarded the telecabine to the glacier and ended up stranded for at least an hour due to a power failure. By the time we finally arrived at the top we’d lost our enthusiasm and headed down for a hot drink, which turned out to be wine as the hot chocolate machines need electricity. The entire Fornet sector was affected and remained closed during the morning. We finished off our ski on Bellevarde with a nice mix of much improved pistes and some soft-snow pitches while hoping for some more snow, which is forecast, tonight.

Johnny-Alpine invited me for a superb slow-cooked-curried-leg-of-lamb, dhal and rice last night, followed by a wonderful display from Barcelona as they totally thrashed Real Madrid 5-0. Barcelona’s ball control in traffic was outstanding and a fabulous display for Mark, who was watching his first-ever match. Thanks John!

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