My legs couldn't take anymore!

01 December 2010

Fred on Radio Val announced 60cm’s of snow in Chambery this morning but unfortunately we only received between 5 and 10 in the village. After two days up at the Fornet I headed up Bellevarde first thing with surprisingly good light and had a good run off the Verte followed by an excellent run off-piste on the piste on the Fontaine Froide with the sun poking through the clouds. But by the time we arrived back on the summit of Bellevarde it had closed in and we were in a fog and couldn‘t see a thing, but at least is was snowing lightly. Thinking “what am I going to do now” , we skied Piste H down into Tignes and headed up the Funicular and cable car to the summit of the Grande Motte, hoping for the best. What we found was superb skiing and a real treat. We dove out of the cable car and had a good 30cm’s in the Combe under the cable car and continued down in great snow to where we cut off for the Rosolin. From there we had a 150-turn pitch where I needed to stop due to incredible thigh-burn. The summer lifts are still running on the Motte so instead of walking out we took the T-Bar for two more rotations, one of 107-turns followed by a 120-turn finale! (I skied out of my heel piece hence only 107 on the second run) From there Mark, John, Margaret and I skied quiet pistes all the way home with satisfied grins on our faces. Meanwhile, Andreas was out with some reps from the Swedish tour company Langley and he had a great time showing them around the Fornet glacier, where the light was pretty good for the first part of the morning. There was no one else up there, which really adds to the ambience and they had lovely snow as well. The snow cover below 2400m’s is thin but it has snowed lightly to moderate all afternoon and hopefully it will continue through the night.

Millie and Katie both had the day off school today because of the snow and luckily they could stay and play with neighbours while Gill went to work. It’s hard to imagine that it’s just as cold and snowy in jolly old England as it is here. Hopefully the airports will get open so those hoping to travel this weekend won’t be disappointed. Fingers crossed!

I needed to phone Rob C this morning for my Hammer’s result and was pleasantly surprised at our 4-0 defeat of Man United. Wow! What a result. We’ve now beat Sunderland, Stoke and Man U in this cup run, but there isn’t one West Ham fan that wouldn’t rather have another nine-points. Still, it’s great for the confidence and hopefully we can build on it. How are you Pav? And you Radio Will?

I’m still having problems sending e-mails so please don’t think I’m being unfriendly or rude.

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