Finally some sunshine!

02 December 2010

The sun finally returned and we headed up to the Fornet for a great morning of light, boot-top powder snow. The Pissaillas Glacier was closed so we started off with first tracks from the Pyramid down under the bubble lift. From there we had two excellent runs in the Combe du Signal before having a quick hot-chocolate stop. You may have noticed that this was our third such stop of the young season so far, and you may think that I’m softening up in my old age. I have mellowed a little, and it wasn’t my idea, but it was pretty cold. After warming up we skied another rotation in the Combe, where the snow has been wonderful, before heading up to the Glacier, which had just opened. Up top we skied a terrific run from the summit of the T-Bar down and through the Combe du Geante and then skied some nice variations to the bottom. All in all, a pretty good morning!

Andreas was back to his building work today, Thomas has been busy with his new house that he’s bought with his girlfriend, and JM, Oli and Pietro will be arriving in the next day or two. (I think Henry is busy doing what newly-weds do!)

I must be careful of what I write has Millie’s class read the diary once or twice a week, and Mrs. Wolf projects it up onto a big screen. Good old Millie! They’ve been tobogganing today and playing in more powder than we have here, which isn’t quite right. Anyway, enjoy the snow even though it’s causing so much chaos!

Injury Report- Sharon’s ankle injury turned out to be a small fracture at the end of her fibula. What a bummer as she had been skiing the powder beautifully and was taken out on the piste in a tunnel by someone who should have known better. Tony W has broken is shoulder hitting some rough snow on the piste in flat-light, and he will be out for quite some time. Get well soon you two!

We are expecting another flat-light day tomorrow followed by some sunshine on Saturday.

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