Good luck Derek!

03 December 2010

It was -12C in the village but there was some unexpected sunshine this morning, which was gratefully received and we profited with another great morning. My team skied some lovely snow around Bellevarde before heading to Tignes via the Little Borsat Nord, then up to the Motte for our 121-turn shot on the Rosolin, followed by some nice variations on the way home. Andreas had some seasonaires and skied off-piste on the Manchet piste, then headed to the Chardonnet before finishing with the Familial. It was another excellent morning with some wonderful snow and although the bottom of the mountain need more snow, the upper half has been very good indeed.

The mountain is showing signs of instability and there has been a lot of action as far as plaques popping out. There were several yesterday up at the Fornet and a couple of skiers were taken in the Campanules, one of whom needed to be helicopter away with pelvic problems. Plaques have been letting go on various exposures so the warning signs are there for a cautious approach for the time being.

Derek has been having problems getting out of Scotland but somehow managed the last seat on a plane to Basel. How he arrives here and at what time tonight remains a mystery. Bravo Derek! Stay tuned for more Alpine adventures tomorrow.

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