-23C, but what a morning!

04 December 2010

Derek’s epic journey from Glasgow to Val d’Isere via Basel and Geneva, where Paul W picked him up, paid dividends as we had a wonderful ski again today. It was -23C in the village this morning, which ruled out the Fornet, so Thomas, Andreas and my team’s all headed to Tignes. I started of with a shot down the Fontaine Froide, which is filling in nicely, and then to Tignes via the Borsat Nord. I had Daniel who was on his second day off-piste so it seemed appropriate to continue his initiation with the Chardonnet, which was well worth it. (Bravo also to John and Margaret for dealing with the steep climb at 73-years-of-age.) We then had some good turns off the Grand Huit en route to the Aiguille Percee, which opened today. (Normally it opens the week before Christmas.) On the way back we tried the bowl under the Rhododendron, which was very good but thin on snow, before finishing with a funky Familial near the big hole, which was fantastic. It warmed up so much in the sun that Johnny Alpine was dropping layers and there was no question about needing a hot-chocolate stop. Andreas also skied the Borsat, Chardonnet and Familial and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied as it was Maeve and Adrian’s first morning.

Pietro, Jean Marc and Olivier should be arriving today and it will be great to have them around for awhile. Sophie, our new secretary is settling in nicely and please do come in and introduce yourself as she doesn’t know any of you. Chris will be arriving on the 8th after spending some time with Suzanne’s family.

Sports Report- Well done Alistair Cook for a fantastic display against Australia in this Test Series. Hopefully the team can keep up the pressure and retain the Ashes on Australian soil. So far it’s been a stunning team effort, especially after a weak first innings when it looked as if the Aussies were going to go one up.

I’m off to see Physio Lou at Bonne Sante (047906 0727) as I’ve a niggle in my lower back, which kicks in around noon. Louise and her team are brilliant so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re ailing.

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