Buried with just an arm sticking out!

06 December 2010

It was the trickiest morning of the new season so far, with +2C and rain in the village. To make matters worse it was forecast for the rain/snow limit to rise to 2500m’s during the day. In the true ‘Alpine’ spirit everyone who was booked in showed up, plus a couple of extras, and we made the most of the conditions, which weren’t as bad as you might think. The avalanche risk was very high and very few lifts were open, leaving us with few options, but we had some nice skiing off the edge of the Verte, on closed or un-pisted runs, and on Bonnevie’s Drag. Although the snow was humid, it was consistent and made for enjoyable skiing. We had one run where we we’re too low altitude-wise and the snow was like glue, so we remained above around 2500m’s for the rest of the morning and finished up at noon after making the most of it. I think more of the same is forecast for tomorrow before turning colder again.

(The conditions at the moment will help stabilise the snowpack so don’t worry. Even though we’ll have a difficult patch it will work out in the end.)

To show how dodgy the snow pack is, we saw three skiers buried beneath us as we rode the Borsat Chair. They’d set off a slab, which took them into a hole and one was up to his knees, the next to his waist and the third was completely buried with just his arm sticking out. When we shouted to him and he replied through a gap by his arm that he was fine so we didn’t worry anymore about them and later saw them returning to the piste. Lucky, lucky boys!

Oli and JM are with the Ski Club this week, Thomas has been working the past few days but needs to do some work on his new place tomorrow, Andreas is skiing mostly on piste this week, Henry is about, Pietro arrives today for ten days, Jean Ribart arrived today, and Chris arrives Wednesday.

I’ll skip the Sports Report today, although I should mention the cricket. Well done boys!

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