Wow! What a finish!

07 December 2010

It cooled down overnight and Radio Val announced an avalanche risk of 4/5. Fortunately there was a break in the weather this morning so we all headed up to the Pissaillas Glacier at the Fornet to get above yesterday’s rain/snow limit and profit from the good light and gentle slopes. We went directly to the Glacier and had some really good skiing in what you’d call ‘skiers snow’. The snow up high had been wind affected and had some ‘surface tension’ as TJ would say, but it was consistent and very ski-able, and we enjoyed six or seven rotations. Jean Ribart skied his first morning of the season so don’t forget to start logging-on to his link to check out his photos-of-the-day. Jean peeled out around noon with fatigue and I then decided to check on conditions in the Combe du Signal and what a finish we had. The Signal Poma was running and Robert, Roger and I opened up the Combe du Signal, which was atmospheric with outstanding snow. It was an interesting entrance to the slope through some avalanche rubble and it was good to see that most of the bowl had purged itself, which is great news for the next snowfall. Anyway, we skied it one-at-a-time and played it as safely as possible with the team following procedures brilliantly and leaving some perfect tracks as well. Bravo boys! The sun poked through towards the bottom and it felt like April with instant heat and I debated with myself about doing another run or not. We ended up circling back for another and although the snow was still good, it had changed drastically from our first run so we stopped there as enough is enough, especially as it was 12:45. (Unfortunately Jean missed the Combe, not only for the skiing but his photos as well)

Pietro was back in action today and will be with us for ten days or so and Andreas, JM and Oli were all up on the Glacier as well. Chris should be arriving any day now and Red Ray received the ‘all-clear’ for some gentle skiing, no ‘bumps’ allowed. I bet that upset him!

I have two air-bags for sale if you are interested. One is a 15-litre bag, which is in excellent condition, for 400 euros, and the second is a well-used but completely functional 30-litre bag, which is going for 100 euros. They start at around 780 euros new so let me know if you’re interested.

Sports Report- What a great result for England in the Ashes Series and although my Hammers are struggling my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are doing extremely well in the NFL. They beat the very tough Baltimore Ravens 13-10 in a hard hitting contest on Sunday. Check out the for highlights if you like American Football, or if you’re curious.

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