Another good day, but some snow would help!

08 December 2010

The warm weather continues and we had another great ski today. After a nice warm-up off the Verte the front of the Borsat was excellent and the Little Borsat Nord was equally good. From there we skied the Genepy piste, which hasn’t opened yet and was trackless, but there the snow was a little bit more compressed with humidity and wind, giving it a slightly ‘educational’ feel. (Snow often feels more ‘educational’ than it really is when the light deteriorates) We then headed up to the Grande Motte Glacier, where Oli and Jean Marc had been skiing, for some more good-skier’s turns. Oli and JM stayed up there all day as they have the Ski Club this week while I finished off my morning back at Bellevarde. Pietro finished skiing with Maeve and Adrian (also Tignes-way) and he starts with Fiona M tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow is for clouds in the morning before gradually clearing up and cooling down. (Doesn’t sound like snow to me!)

The rain has had its desired effect and much of the mountain has purged itself, which will help enormously when it snows again. The Borsat Nord has gone from the top and most of the way across, as has the Combe du Signal, and some good plaques have popped out of the Campanules. The Marmottes/Marmottons, Face du Bellevarde and some parts of the Crete du Genepy have also gone, with the odd plaque in the Arcelle. All good news really but the down side is there is very little snow now at lower altitudes and the sooner it snows the better.

A big hello to Millie and Katie (Gill as well) and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on Boxing day!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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