Talk about a face full!

09 December 2010

At 7AM it was snowing light, which was great news but although the wind was calm in the village it was blowing between 70 and 90kph on the summit of Bellevarde. It was a testing start as we exited the Olympique to flat-light and blowing snow straight in the face, and I admit to having one on the Verte piste to warm-up and get a feel for things. The day changed for the better almost immediately as the light improved and it continued to clear during the morning, leaving us with clear skies around noon. Only a few centimetres of snow fell but the wind helped us out by blowing a nice cushion into the gullies and on the less-side, and even though the strips of good snow were fairly narrow, we enjoyed some excellent skiing with good ambience. The wind kept the Funicular in Tignes closed and I’m sure the Fornet Glacier was also closed during the morning, but there was plenty to ski and after a re-freeze last night we could start skiing some of the lower slopes that we’ve been avoiding. It looks as if we’re in for a couple of days of sunshine as France’s allotment of snow has been dumped on Paris.

Chris arrived last night and we look forward to seeing him at our team meeting and dinner tonight at my place. It’s not often that we have so many of us here at the same time and the only one missing is TJ, so we’re having a quiet little get-together. Log-on for more news again tomorrow.

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