First Col Pers of the season!

11 December 2010

It was another stunning day with -8C in the village at 8AM, beautiful sunshine and the wind had died down significantly. Yesterday’s touch at the bottom of the Grand Vallon meant that the lower slopes would support on the layer of frozen wet snow and rain, and with 5to 15cm’s on top we were confident that the Col Pers would be a good option. My team were the first ones in this season, followed by Chris and Pietro, and it’s always a treat to see nothing but virgin snow. The entrance was easy and we skied straight down on slightly wind-compressed snow, and as we skied lower the snow loosened up and became better and better. Once we arrived at the Grand Torsai it felt like a spring base with a lovely cushion on top and it was about as good as it gets, unless you are the first ones in on a powder day. It was Gillian’s first trip over the Col and with the solitude, virgin snow and beautiful scenery I’m sure she’ll remember it for awhile!

Andreas’ team started with the Pays Desert before coming over the Col and they finished up with a variation off the Spatule, Thomas was in Tignes boarding with Mike and Peter, and I’m not too sure what JM and Olivier skied on their last morning with the Ski Club.

Sports Report- You may see the Men’s World Cup highlights sometime today from the Face du Bellevarde. It was a perfect day for racing and the ambience at the bottom of the Face was pretty lively. I’m not sure who plays who today in the Premiership but my boys are desperate for some points. Come on you Hammers! I’m looking forward to Arsenal and United on Monday night and hopefully I’ll get an invite from Johnny Alpine.

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