An unwanted wind has been blowing!

12 December 2010

The sun was out again, and just as well as a northerly wind was blowing and it was jolly chilly in the shade or in exposed areas. I skied with Mike and Julie Lambert and the 13-year-old daughter Justine, along with their friends Robert and Caroline Cook and their 12-year-old daughter Sophie, and we had a terrific day. We started off the Verte, followed by the Borsat en route to my first Sache of the season, and the Familial to finish. Bravo to Justine and Sophie who dealt with everything the mountain the at them!

Meanwhile JM and some of his Ski Club group, Olivier and his son Sasha, Andreas, Jeremy and Jerry, all skied the Chardonnet en route to the Sache and the Familial on the way home. Pietro and Fiona were heading to the Col des Fours but I haven’t heard if they stuck with their plan or how they fared. Chris was skiing with John, Margaret and Jean R and they skied similar routes to my team and their adventures will be on Jean‘s photos of the day.

The wind has toughened up some of the snow but there is still some nice strips and pockets of really good soft snow and the lower slopes where it’s been protected from the wind have a lovely support layer with a nice cushion on top. Unfortunately the wind picked up during the afternoon but sunshine is forecast for the next few days. Stay tuned!

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