What to do?

13 December 2010

I’m sitting at the computer at 8:05AM and Radio Fred has just announced minus 13C in the village. Thankfully the wind has died down to between 30 and 50kph but we’ll need to protect ourselves somewhere, and having a twelve and thirteen -year-old I’ll need some sunshine. Better go find something to ski!

There is not a better place for protection than Mont Roup, and if there is going to be good snow anywhere, Mont Roup rarely lets you down. JM (with Jonny Alpine), Andreas (with Jeremy and Jerry), Pietro (with Fiona) and my team of the Lambert’s and the Cook’s all headed to Mont Roup and had an excellent morning. The scenery was stunning, the walking was easy, and the snow was pretty good considering the wind we’ve endured. The top was a matter of using anything that worked, but the middle section was 10 to 15cm’s of lovely soft snow, and the bottom had a spring-like base with a few centimetres on top. It wasn’t MR at it’s best, but considering the alternatives it was very well received. (Well done to Justine and Sophie as it’s quite a walk for 13 and 12)

I told my group to watch Jean Marc walking ahead of us and it was a very good lesson in economy of movement. He looks so relaxed and tension-free while moving in slow motion, and like a North American Indian, he doesn’t make a sound. (unlike some who tromp around, picking their feet up and banging them back down again while rushing about). Anyway, thanks for the demo JM!

Chris was skiing with Linus and Dave Stockill and they skied the Borsat, Sache and Familial. It was nice to see Dave back in action after his op last year. Jean R was warming-up his brother Bernard on piste so there will not be any ‘photos of the day’.

Colder weather is forecast for tomorrow with cold and sunshine for a few more days.

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