Burrr! That was a chilly one!

14 December 2010

At 7AM the sky was clear but by show-time a misty cloud cover had arrived leaving us with flattish light most of the morning before an improvement around noon. Radio Fred (boy I miss Radio Will) announced minus 14C this morning and without the sun to warm things up and with a little wind it was jolly cold. I tried taking my Lambert/Cook team over the Col Pers but the Glacier was closed due to technical problems, and probably just as well as it was bordering on too cold for such an excursion and the closure made the decision for me. We ended up having two excellent runs on the shoulder in the Combe du Signal leaving nice ’Alpine’ tracks before venturing into the Grand Vallon for ambience reasons. (I didn’t think we’d find much but it was a little ratty) Justine survived a lunch-time tantrum to ski really well this afternoon as Caroline, Sophie, Justine and I had a good, hard piste bash plus a couple on Millie and Katie’s ‘funk‘ run.

Chris took his team including Stocky, Linus, Jean R and Jean’s brother Bernard to Mont Roup and they had decent light and pretty good skiing, while Andreas had a good trip taking Duncan and some Vikings to the Sache and back.

Times are tricky at the moment and any snow you can leave tracks in is appreciated, but there are strips of creamy snow and souffle as well that allows us to travel off-piste. Light snow has fallen off-and-on all day and there will be areas that will benefit and make our lives easier. ( What I love about you ‘Alpine’ skiers is that you know the score and appreciate our efforts and what we find for you. It makes dealing with the tough times enjoyable and rewarding. Bravo! )

Not having broadband or any connection at home at the moment makes it impossible to check the weather forecast before writing, so I’m going to guess. Another cold day with clearer skies is on the cards for tomorrow.

Thanks Johnny Alpine for a great curry and the United vs. Arsenal match last night. The Dunn brothers, Eric H, Chris E, Johnny Alpine himself and I few more of you will be over the moon with your position, especially with how it looked six-weeks ago before Chelsea’s collapse. No mention of the Hammers!

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