A good 'sniff'!

15 December 2010

It was even colder this morning with the thermometer reading minus18C in the village. Burr! Anyway, off we went and the skiing was excellent and no hot-chocolate stops were needed. Jean Marc, Chris and I all headed up Bellevarde and ’sniffed’ about off the Verte and the Borsat before heading up the Funicular to the Grande Motte. Chris and JM went up the cable car while my team skied off the edge of the Leisse on a mix of supporting souffle and a few strips of frisset. We then ’skinned’ up under the Little Borsat West and had some great snow to leave ’Alpine’ tracks in all the way back down to the piste. JM and Chris caught us up and we all had a good ski in the best snow around while keeping ourselves above the cloud bank that was creeping about in the valleys below. (Quite a good result really)

Someone set off a good sized plaque from the top in the Borsat West yesterday. The fracture line was roughly 60cm’s and the accumulation at the bottom was between 3 and 5 metres. Ouch! The Military had a avalanche yesterday while on a training mission around the Sassiere and one soldier was quite seriously injured, but I don’t know anymore than that.

Thomas and Andreas froze themselves half-to-death helping with the World Cup preparations. I was too cold to be standing about and Andreas was too pleased with the organisation, or lack of. It was minus20C when I headed down around 3:45 with my Lambert/Cook team, and the volunteers were still slide slipping the course and were kept out for a while after that.

There is a rumour of some snow tomorrow night so pray to the snow gods as we are now in need!

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