A fresh canvas!

17 December 2010

Hallelujah! It snowed a good 30cm’s overnight and the snow continued until about 2PM, although we had to deal with a punchy gusting wind that kept the opening of lifts to a minimum. Still, no one was complaining as it was wonderful to have soft deep snow underfoot again and we had a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning at La Daille. Even though it had warmed-up by 10C we still had spots of frost-bite due to the wind and cooled down at one point when we were stuck on the Mont Blanc chairlift for fifteen minutes. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as Jean Marc is promising some sunshine so we should be able to spread our wings a little and enjoy our fresh canvas.

Today’s races were cancelled due to snow, but what else is new! If you want snow, all you need to do is organise and pay a fortune for a World Cup Downhill, it works just about every time. They should have better luck running it tomorrow and poor Chris has a 7AM meeting at the Funicular to help with the race.

Bummer about the cricket!

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