Beautiful sunshine to take the edge off!

18 December 2010

Jean Marc’s promised sunshine was beating down on us today and we all had thoughts of the Fornet until John E reported minus20C on his terrace. High and north is no place to be when it’s that cold so we all headed to the sunny slopes in Tignes. After a warm-up off the Verte JM and I skied the Campanules and I didn’t see or hear from Jean Marc for the rest of the morning. I headed up to the Motte for an excellent run off the Genepy but then paid the price with some trail breaking. From there we had a great run in the Combe des Lanches followed by my funky route in the Familial to finish.

Henry was skiing with some Vikings along with his wife Ginnie while Thomas had a group of boarders. Chris was helping with the races and after a 7AM start I’m sure he’ll be happy to see the back end of the racers. Andreas had the day off and had a nice time with his children and he’s off again tomorrow with a family due in Albertville. Dave St missed yesterday and today with self-inflected injuries after meeting Clive’s son Mark and Tony W in the Blue Note. Bad boy!

Both JM and Olivier’s families are arriving today for a holiday, my girls arrive on Boxing Day, and Suzanne should be arriving any day now.

Unfortunately my niece and nephew Rosie and Wils have had their flight cancelled, which is a bummer! I was really looking forward to skiing with them but I’m sure there will be others who will be delayed.

I’m not even going to mention sports and hope for a change in fortune!

The weather is forecast to close in again tomorrow.

PS Just listened to the finish of the Hammers game at Chris’ house, and a point will do after being down 1-0. And the Ashes are up for grabs again after a poor performance by England. I imagine the boo-birds will be back in action!

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