Good luck with your flights!

19 December 2010

The day started off overcast but a good 10 degrees warmer than the past four days or so, and I headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery. Our first run was in the Combe du Signal and the light was very flat, making it difficult to see where yesterday’s tracks were so I needed to traverse a long way skiers-left to get a good line and avoid the rocks. While cutting the traverse I was too close to a rock wall and kicked out a little slab, which took me about two metres. It was nothing serious but for a split-second when the snow is breaking up around your feet and you start to move you think, “Oh shit!” Anyway, that woke me up and got the heart pumping. We ended up having three excellent runs in the Combe before heading upstairs to the Glacier where we skied one off the T-Bar before skiing a very good Combe du 3300 from the top of the T-Bar. Thankfully the light improved with each run making for a very enjoyable morning.

Jean had a fantastic time with his brother Bernard, who fitted right in and was well impressed with Jean’s skiing routine!

Henry ended up on the Glacier around noon and Olivier was skiing with his family, as was Jean Marc. Chris was having a well deserved rest after his day at the races yesterday, and Thomas and Andreas were also off.

I’m not sure about tomorrow’s weather but the weather in England seems more important with people on tender hooks about whether they can fly or not. Good luck to you all and hopefully you’ll all make it for your long awaited holiday.

Casualty list so far: Wils, Rosie and their dad Rob, John and Margaret’s daughter Dawn and grandsons Jack and Luke, Dave Stockill’s wife Suzie and son Ben. (not sure about Richard H)

If you’re arriving in town do be careful as the sidewalks are lethal. It’s criminal the state they’re in and concentration is a must. To take your eye off your next step is asking for trouble!

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