Not much light but wonderful snow!

20 December 2010

I’m laying in bed at 6:30 wondering what the day will bring. It’s a little lonely out there in the flat light as no one else is working. People missing flights hasn’t helped but I’m lucky enough to have apartment owners such as John and Margaret, Jean R, David and Chrissy, Pascale and Dave St, all of whom are already in the resort. (Mind you Stocky is out of action with his self-inflected injury walking the streets late at night) Maybe I’ll see Olivier out there today as he’s skiing with his family.

5:15PM It turned out to be another great morning, although we had to deal with flat-light again. I headed up to the Fornet via the Mattis trees and back to the piste, which was a nice little starter. From there we skied a surprisingly good run in the Combe du Signal en-route to the Pissaillas where we had two fantastic runs in the Pays Desert. We didn’t see a soul all morning long, which is rare up at the Fornet and it added greatly to the ambience. The light moved in-and-out but for the most part there was just enough light to navigate and avoid planting yourself in a hole. Unfortunately it started to clear up just as we were finishing so hopefully not too much track damage occurred this afternoon.

Andreas was out with Clive’s son Mark so I’m sure they had an interesting time, while Oli was skiing with family and friends, and JM is skiing with family as well. Thomas was skiing this afternoon with some Vikings and most of the team will be working again tomorrow. Sophie had a bad crash being greedy in the powder (her words) a few days ago and hasn’t skied since, but should be back in action shortly, as will Dave St.

Chris and I Skyped Jean Pierre Carnal last night and had a good laugh and chat. I worked with JP at the Banff Springs Hotel for CMH in 1978 and we enjoyed a fantastic winter together followed by a trip to San Francisco when I was en-route to New Zealand. JP has since worked with Chris all these years in Australia and helped with their Gite in Normandy last summer. It was great to speak with you JP!

I think we’re in for some sunshine tomorrow, so we’ll see how many people are now in town!

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