Finally some visibility!

21 December 2010

I had some company today as Thomas, Chris, Andreas and Henry were all working and the team headed up to the Fornet, where the skiing in the flat-light has been excellent the past couple of days. The Foehn wind unfortunately worked the snow over last night and for the first time all season the Combe du Signal had stiffened up a little, turning it into ’skiers’ snow. Needless to say we creamed it anyway but you needed to be on your toes! From there we headed into the Pays Desert where the snow had remained protected and it was excellent form top to bottom. Then we dove over the Col Pers, which was lovely all the down to the Grand Torsai but unfortunately below that it was jolly tricky and hard work. John, Margaret and Jean R peeled out at the bottom but Chrissy, David and I went back up for another in the Combe du Signal. All the teams skied similar runs and a great morning was had by all.

Olivier has been having a wonderful time with his friends and family and rumour has it they can be seen skiing around in a group of fifteen! Oli has shown them most of the classics and everyone is suitably impressed. Bravo Oli!

Red Ray just phoned to say he’s arrived in Geneva and will be having an easy ski tomorrow to test out his knee. Hopefully Gill, Millie and Katie will make it on Boxing Day and Suzanne is now coming in convoy with Doctor Laura on the 28th.

We had good visibility today, which was welcome and I was well impressed with my team’s tracks from yesterday when they couldn’t see much. They laid them side-by-side as if the sun was shining, well done team! It’s clouded over, warmed up and we may see some snow/rain tonight. In fact a few flakes are drifting about as I write at 4:30PM and the wind is picking up. Stay tuned!

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