Another really good morning!

22 December 2010

It warmed up enormously today and by the afternoon it was around +6C in the village. After three days in the Fornet it was time for a change so we headed towards Tignes and some protection from the strong Foehn wind that has been blowing over the past 48-hours. After a scratchy warm-up off the Verte I skied a good a Lower Borsat followed by a nice shot off the Grand Huit chair en-route to a very good Sachette before finishing with a funky Familial. Chris skied the same runs with a Lower Chardonnet thrown in and Andreas skied a nice Chardonnet from the top and the Sache. There isn’t that much good powder about at the moment and the boys did a great job making the best of the conditions again this morning. Bravo boys! (Thomas was boarding and I’m not too sure where he was and I haven’t yet heard from Oli and JM.)

We were lucky with the weather as the sun seemed to follow us around amongst some clouds, which made for a very pleasant morning. We had some excellent snow but the trickier bits are always easier and less intimidating when you can see. The sky has clouding over late this afternoon and hopefully it won’t rain with these mild temperatures.

I’m busy trying to get organised for the girls arriving on Sunday and thankfully my broadband connection is now working at home, which will save me a lot of time.

Jean had the day off so there won’t be any photo updates. In fact Jean may be off for the next few days with family arriving.

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