Wow! Merry Christmas!

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and what a Christmas ski we had today! It was overcast again with that nasty little fog layer at mid-altitude, but for the most part the visibility was slightly better than yesterday and Chris, Henry, JM and I all took our teams back to the Fornet. We all started off the Mattis and arrived to the Signal Poma being closed so Chris and I cut into the bottom of the Combe du Signal and headed up to the Glacier for better visibility. From there we had a great run in the Combe du Geant followed by two fantastic runs in the Pays Desert, where we worked our way through the rocks onto the big slope towards the bottom. Meanwhile JM stayed down below and skied the Grand Vallon three times in excellent snow.

Chrissy brought along some Tesco’s Best Mince Tarts, which I must say at the end of a long morning tasted wonderful. We tried to talk the lift operator into having one but he reclined. (Big mistake)

Andreas is having today and tomorrow off to have some time with family and relatives, and after a long hard summer and fall building, he’s in need of a rest. Thomas is also off.

We may see some sun tomorrow and with the snow quality at the moment we should be in for some more outstanding skiing.

Tomorrow’s update may be short as I’m off in the afternoon to pick my beautiful girls up at the airport.

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