Not the best of days!

26 December 2010

This is the hardest update I’ve ever had to write as we had a serious avalanche today in the Combe du Signal. David R and Chrissy were taken and Chrissy pulled her handle and inflated her air-bag, which led me directly to her. David didn’t manage to inflate his bag and we needed to find him with our beeps. David was taken by helicopter to Grenoble and Chrissy has been taken to the hospital to join him by John E, Jean R, and Penny. We are now awaiting news.

I’m pretty shocked as you can imagine and Chris and Jean Marc are taking care of me this afternoon and JM is kindly going to take me to Lyon to pick up Gill and the girls tonight, who’s company I’m now in desperate need of.

Pray for David and we’ll keep you posted.

PS. Please don’t inundate the office with phone calls.

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