Farwell to a good friend!

27 December 2010

I am so sorry to tell you that David past away this afternoon with his wife Chrissy and best friend Keith by his side. As you can imagine it’s been the worst 36-hours imaginable and it’s going to take a long time to come to terms with.

I’ve had some very moving support from local guides, moniteurs, clients and friends, which has helped enormously, and having Gill and the girls here has been a huge comfort. All my Alpine colleagues have been incredibly supportive both on the mountain taking those who wanted to ski today, as well as behind the scenes with paper work and company. I was very touched by Pat Zimmer passing by the Gourmandine this morning, as well as his brother Jean contacting the shop.

I spent two hours with Chrissy this evening up at John and Margaret’s along with David’s friend Keith, Dawn, Jack and Luke. Chrissy was amazing yesterday as I dug her out and was incredible tonight. She brought along David’s favourite wines and we spent two hours drinking and toasting the things David loved most in life. She is being so strong and brave and taking strength from the fact that David has ended his life amongst friends, in a place he loved, and doing something he was passionate about.

Andreas has been in touch with David’s daughter Sasha and son Jeremy, both who ski regularly with Alpine, and our thoughts are with them both at this sad time. Jeremy is in the middle of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race and will finish the race before flying home.

I skied with Millie and Katie this afternoon and it was important to get back on the snow, and I’m going to ski off-piste again tomorrow morning.

The only thing I have left to say tonight is would you please all consider wearing an airbag, and doing one of Henry’s avalanche talks/ beep searches.

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