Reflect on the past and cope with the future!

28 December 2010

I skied off-piste again today to try to get back to some form of normality although things may never be normal again. There was a lovely reception at the Gourmandine, very emotional as you can imagine and then Chrissy bravely arrived to speak to friends, give me support and see us all off skiing. She has been amazing!

It was nice to be on the snow again and I’ve been overwhelmed with the support Chrissy, Alpine and I’ve received from so many of you who’ve skied with us over the years, and from some who have skied at Top Ski. Chrissy and Keith were at our place this evening having a glass of wine and Chrissy was looking through some of your e-mails. She was incredibly touched by your kind words and the volume of e-mails that have come in, and your concern means the world to both of us and everyone at Alpine.
(I haven’t even began to answer e-mails so please accept our gratitude)

I’ll finish tonight with a quote from one of today’s e-mails, “We all know the risks but all hope it’ll never happen. Sometimes it does and it’s now more to do with how we cope rather then dwelling on the event.”

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