A better day today!

29 December 2010

I’m pretty exhausted at the moment, as is the rest of the team because this tragic accident has affected everyone at Alpine, but today was a better day. The sun was out, which everyone appreciated, and we had a pretty good morning off-piste. I was first into the Sachette with an interesting entrance and although my heart was beating away and my legs were a little rubbery it felt good to be back in the mountains and doing what I love. Andreas skied the Chardonnet from the top before joining Jean Marc in the Sachette, while Thomas skied the Borsat, Lower Chardonnet and Familial and I’m not too sure what Henry skied. All the boys felt better about their skiing today and a step closer to being able to relax and not suspect every slope you look at.

Thanks again for your e-mails and Chrissy and Keith were here this evening again reading through a few of them and all of us appreciate your support more than you can imagine. Chrissy is going home tomorrow and will be seeing David’s son Jeremy who is just returning from the Sydney-Hobart race, and our thoughts are with his daughter Sasha as well.

I’m going to log-on to Jean’s photos of the day then go to bed.

Sports Report- I’ve hardly noticed the brilliant Ashes win and the Hammers picking up 5 points in three games.

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