Mont Roup was outstanding!

30 December 2010

I awoke around 5AM with my head spinning and worked myself up over the day in front of me. I had my regular off-piste morning, followed by a lovely family who wanted an initiation off-piste in the afternoon, then a torch-light descent in the evening.

I decided to take it a stage at a time and ended up having an incredibly positive and enjoyable day. Andreas, Jean Marc and I all headed to Mont Roup, which was stunning. The walk was calming, the snow was superb, and the skiing was so good that everyone had a smile on their faces again. I must say bravo to all the clients who have hung in there and supported us all since the accident. We as guides are looking at every slope differently, but so our our clients, and their faith in us hasn’t wavered, which is humbling and has given us the courage to carry on.

My afternoon with Hugh, Ailsa and their Dad Andrew was a nice mix of a little off-piste with loads of technique, and the torch-light was the best one ever as there was a nice feeling of community and camaraderie. ( It was great to meet you Sam)

Then I had Wils, Rosie and their dad Rob visiting with the girls singing with Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music playing on the DVD player in the background. All in all it was a very positive day and much needed.

Elsewhere on the skiing front Chris skied the Sachette with the Ross family while Thomas took his group for a lovely Glacier Pers. Henry was also in action and thanks Henry for your comments on your blog.

This has been very tough on Gill as well and she had some relief tonight with a girls night out at Doctor Laura’s with Suzanne, Margaret and Dawn.

Jeremy sent a lovely quote, which I’ll post when I’m sure of getting it right and thanks again for all your support as it means so much to everyone on the Alpine.

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