Another wonderful ski with brilliant sunshine!

31 December 2010

The sun was out again and we had another wonderful day of skiing. We’re still nervous but slowly feeling a bit more comfortable and starting to enjoy the skiing again. In fact Jean R had a grin from ear to ear at the end of the morning and David would have loved this morning’s ski. Andreas, Jean Marc and I headed to the Glacier Pers and it was absolutely brilliant. Chris, Henry and perhaps Thomas skied Mont Roup, and they also had fantastic snow. Penny commented on the perfection of our tracks from top to bottom and it was nice to leave our signature again.

I got my poles mixed up during the rescue the other day and have ended up with one of mine and one of David’s, and feel I’m taking a part of him skiing each morning. We’ll be toasting David and Chrissy, as well as Sasha and Jeremy at Penny’s annual New Year’s drinks party.

I’d like to say well done to Thomas for cutting a perfect traverse into the Glacier Pers yesterday as well as choosing a good line out. Bravo Thomas!

Chrissy wants any money that may go to flowers for David to be put towards the Mountain Rescue Fund and we’ll get details for anyone who wants to contribute. Thankfully Jeremy has arrived home and is with Chrissy now.

Here is just one out of over one hundred similar e-mails showing the huge support that we’ve all had.

Proud to be Alpine!

Hi Wayne

I have been reading the events of the past week and wanted to offer my support to you and all involved.

Over the past 3 years I have felt touched by the spirit of everyone I have met through alpine and the friendships I have found.

The way the past few days have progressed and the feelings I get through reading your blog make me proud to be associated with such strong sensible people.

We are all willing you to find the strength to see you through these unfortunate times and have the confidence in you to allow us to keep doing that which we love.

I am looking forward to skiing with you again soon and will hopefully be coming out in January.

Take care

Mark Weller

Thanks to you all!

Have a great evening and a Happy New Year!

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