Happy New Year!

01 January 2011

I was more emotional again today but had a good talk with JM at the Gourmandine, which helped enormously. Gideon was back in the saddle today for his first off-piste session of the season and along with Penny, Jean and Michael we enjoyed a relaxing morning skiing the Lower Borsat en-route to the Little Borsat West, where we had fantastic snow. We had three main pitches of 30-turns, 25-turns, and then 62-turns to finish. We then skied piste with a little technique mixed in and finished around 12:30.

Meanwhile Chris and Henry had lovely trips to the Glacier Pers and Jean Marc was skiing around the Motte where he ran into Red Ray and Millie, who are becoming quite a team. (Gill was out with Katie.) I’m not too sure what Thomas skied and Andreas is on piste for a few days with the Stewart family.

Thank-you Penny for another wonderful New Year’s drinks party and thanks-you to Tim’s sons Dan, Olivier and Freddie for a beautifully sang Panis Angelicus in David’s memory. It was very moving and very much appreciated.

PS Great photos Jean and come on you Hammers!

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