Another beautiful day!

02 January 2011

The sun continues to shine and we’re managing to find some lovely skiing on a totally trashed mountain. As you can imagine we are taking it easy and just enjoying each other’s company and simple skiing, as no one feels ready to take on anything too serious. Today’s skiing consisted of some nice powder on a gentle slope off the Verte, followed by some excellent souffle on the Motte and then some great snow after a little ‘skin’ on the Borsat West. (Check Jean’s photos)

The avalanche risk dropped today from 3/5 to 2/5 but nothing has really changed. If anything it is going to get worse with each cold night as the goblet is getting deeper by the day and after the next big snowfall much of the mountain is going to purge itself and the rest won’t take much provoking. It is definitely going to be a case of gentle slopes and not much else.

Pat Zimmer was taken out on the piste a couple of days ago and suffered a concussion, which has kept him in bed ever since. When the resort is busy the pistes are 99% more dangerous than the off-piste and you see people laid out from collisions almost daily. Good luck Pat and we hope you’re feeling better soon.

Andreas is having a meeting with the head of the Piste Service on Monday to look at various projects that could be launched in David’s name from proceeds coming from the Mountain Rescue Fund. We’ll keep you posted as ideas develop and something is decided.

I’ve skied with my girls every afternoon, which has been incredibly helpful as the innocence of children takes your mind off things and allows you to smile and laugh again. Jean Marc, who has been great has now returned home and I’m not too sure when he’ll be back again, and we’ll surely miss him.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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