A lovely Pays Desert!

03 January 2011

The sun continues to beat down on us although it was sneaky cold this morning. Chris and I took our groups up to the Fornet for an excellent Pays Desert way-out to avoid the tracks. There isn’t much left around the resort but we skied fresh snow top-to-bottom leaving great tracks and it was a really good result for two ten-minute-skins. (Great photos again Jean!)

It’s eerie to say the least going over top of the Combe du Signal and looking down on our avalanche scene. It’s amazing how the first plaque triggered the second and everything around the corner as well. Henry saw 10 people grouped together and skiing at the same time the day before our accident but ‘what if’s’ don’t count and shouldn’t be dwelled upon.

It’s pretty quiet at the moment with just Chris and I off-piste, Andreas has a family on-piste but will be back in action tomorrow, Henry is off and Thomas is out this afternoon.

Millie and Katie started school again today with Katie taking it in her stride and poor Millie dissolving into tears. It took Gill a while to free herself from her clutches but she’s in the class she wanted with her friends and she will hopefully settle in quickly.

Thanks again from all the team at Alpine along with Chrissy, Jeremy and Sasha for your wonderful e-mails. They’ve kept us all going, and are continuing to do so. I will now begin to try and start replying to you all. And thank-you to Maxine and friends from the Hurtmore Golf Club for your lovely letter.

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