A wonderful Glacier Pers!

04 January 2011

We enjoyed another beautiful day with some stunning skiing. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet again and ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and although there a several sets of Alpine tracks up there, we’d left ourselves plenty of space for perfect tracks in a great snow. Chris had Ben, Louise and Grant who are new to Alpine today, and they were overwhelmed by the wonderful scenery and fantastic virgin snow, and their smiles on the Grand Torsai reminded me of why we do what we do. (Sasha in my group was in a similar state of wonder.) It was another really uplifting day when it was needed most.

Andreas was back in action with a family group and skied up at the Fornet. He had a boarder in the group so walking was out of the question for his team, Henry was off and Thomas has been feeling unwell over the past couple of days and didn’t ski today.

The streets are in horrible condition and it’s criminal the state they are in. I saw a lady fall yesterday and crack her head on the ice and I’ve never seen a better use of a helmet. It will be a sad day when people start wearing helmets in the street but it saved this poor lady. Do pay attention if you’re arriving in town and don’t show up in Cowboy boots!

Gill missed her skiing with Doctor Laura and Inga this morning as Millie worked herself into such a state about school that see threw up. Gill took her home but Millie made such a miraculous recovery she took her back to school where she stayed the rest of the day. I took Gill out for some fresh air this afternoon and we had a nice ski at La Daille.

We may see some snow on Thursday and ten centimetres or so and a fresh canvas would be welcome. Stay tuned!

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