A little snow is on the way!

05 January 2011

It looked as if the weather was changing yesterday but we were lucky this morning and profited from a largely sunny morning although the clouds started to build up around noon. I had Richard B who I haven’t skied with in years, and his lovely daughter Charlotte and we skied off the Motte followed by their first-ever ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West. Chris and Henry were in the same neighbourhood and Andreas was up at the Fornet with a group of Swedish ski instructors.

I skied with Katie this afternoon while Red Ray skied with Millie, Michael R and his daughter Leah. Gill opted for a little peace and quiet and went for a walk with Doctor Laura and her mad dog Mel.

It sounds a little iffy for tomorrow with some cloud, wind and perhaps rain in the village. Anything falling out of the sky will be welcome as a fresh canvas is long overdue.

Sports Report- What a wonderful series of cricket and the selectors did a superb job picking Cook, Bell and KP, all of whom came into the Ashes without being in top form. And come on you Hammers tonight away to Newcastle.

(Jean is off for three days so there won’t be any photo updates)

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