That was more like it!

07 January 2011

It snowed between 5 and 15cm’s depending on where you were and with some unexpected sunshine it was a cracking good morning. Chris and Henry headed up to the Fornet and skied three off the T-Bar before skiing the Combe du 3300 and the Col Pers to finish. I had a lovely morning with Richard B and his daughter Charlotte and we followed the sunshine around skiing the Fontaine Froide, Lower Borsat, Lower Chardonnet, a good shot of the Huit and some bits and pieces around the Marais. Andreas was in or around the same areas as well before the Sache on his way to lunch in Les Brevieres. Thomas isn’t feeling well and is taking some time off over the past few days and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Millie was much better at school today, which is a huge relief, and I’m looking forward to skiing with the girls in the afternoons over the weekend. Mike and Laura have been taking Gill skiing and hopefully Millie will be settled enough for Gill to start skiing with me next week.

This morning Mike, Laura and Gill had skied the ‘L’ and by the time they’d circled around for another run there had been a slip across three-quarters of the piste from the Danaides side. It came across where the piste becomes wider after the narrow section and thankfully no one was hit by it. It was extremely warm today with a little light drizzle at times in the village

Andreas has been having meetings with the Piste Service to find out what can be done with the money raised in David’s name. We are hoping to have a ‘Beep-checker’ (like they at the top of Toviere) installed at the top of the Signal Poma, which will allow people to verify that their beeps are transmitting as well as making those without beeps to think twice before venturing off-piste into either the Combe, Grand Vallon, or Vallonnet. It would also have an information board and perhaps a plaque. Andreas and Henry had thought a Beep Practice Zone (again like in Tignes) would be a good ideas but apparently there is too much vandalism to deal with. I’ll let you know when we have something definite organised.

Gill and I went up to visit Eric at his hotel and typically Eric was in good spirits and had been busy sorting out who to see when he returns to England. Gill was surprised about how little swelling there is and how good his knee looks on x-ray, meaning the fractures are small but he’ll need an MRI scan to assess the damage to his ligaments so fingers crossed for minimal damage.

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