A stunning Glacier Pers!

08 January 2011

The forecast for today was a bit miserable but we awoke to unexpected clear skies and everyone was upbeat at the Gourmandine. Chris, Andreas and I took our teams up to the Fornet and over the Col to the Glacier Pers. There wasn’t a track in sight and the skiing top-to-bottom was excellent. It was incredibly mild but the snow down to the Grand Torsai was wonderful but below that, as is often the case, has been erased from the memory bank. (Jean is back in action so check his photos of the day)

Andreas had some of his family members ‘skinning’ for the first time and Sam, William, Hamish and Mike had a brilliant time. (Meanwhile Henry skied in Tignes but I haven’t heard what he skied.)

This afternoon Gill and I took Millie and Katie out for a cracking good ski and Katie has improved enormously since the last time we skied on Wednesday afternoon. How does that work? She’s flying and carving away and she’s suddenly much more fun for Millie to ski with.

We ran into Mike, Laura, Inga and Geoff at the bottom and Geoff had just survived being taken out by a big Russian on a snowboard. Geoff has just started to ski gently has he’s just had a full knee-replacement in August. Bravo Geoff!

I’m not too sure about the weather but we’ll hope for the best and get on with whatever comes or way. Stay tuned!

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