That was a tricky one!

09 January 2011

It was +3C in the village at 8AM, the sky was grey, there was no new snow to speak of, and with 30 to 80 kph of wind forecast it was never going to be an easy morning. I was the only one working so it was a little lonely at the Gourmandine, but the boys all showed up and we had a go. We skied piste before skiing the Lower Borsat, which was a little tricky in the flat-light before heading upstairs to the Grande Motte. Up high there was that always-welcome ‘light-bulb’ in the sky and the wind was surprisingly calm so we took the cable-car to the summit and skied the souffle with a cushion of snow to the Leisse chairlift. From there we traversed a few dreaded ‘dreadlocks’ before skiing the Rosolin, and even at that altitude you could feel the humidity in the snow, which gave it a slightly ’educational’ rating. After ’skinning’ out for 15-minutes we skied piste back to Val d’Isere and finished about 12:15. (Good photos again Jean and bravo boys for hanging in there!)

Millie and Katie have gone out for a ski with their pal Anna and her mother Kiera so I’ve a quiet afternoon to myself. The girls also had a tobogganing session this morning and they’re really enjoying their winter-wonderland. (Thank goodness Gill took them skiing or I’d be in the piscine right now!)

We are expecting between 15 and 35cm’s of fresh snow by morning and a fresh canvas will be very welcome.

I’d like to thank Rob C, Mac and Lolo, Richard F, and Maxine B for your wonderful letters and I’m in the process of answering your very supportive and appreciated e-mails. Thank you all very much indeed.

Sports Report- Once again, what a brilliant series of cricket the Ashes turned out to be. A few new stars were born and the future looks bright for English cricket. And well done to all the lower-league teams who knocked out Premiership clubs in the FA Cup games yesterday.

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