A lovely morning but more desperately sad news!

11 January 2011

God, where do I start! I’ll start with the good news, which was another excellent morning in great snow. Chris and I went back up to the Fornet and skied the Pays Desert with the two little ‘skins’ to maximise our turns and we were lucky enough to have brilliant sunshine before the flat-light and snow moved in. We then headed over the Col for a very good Col Pers. Meanwhile Thomas was in the same sector (nice to have him back) as was Henry, who was initiating 7-week skiers Paul and Jane. Bravo! Andreas was skiing with Ian and they had a lovely morning skiing the Sachette and Familial.

I had a lovely surprise today while speaking with Nico and ran into Radio Will. It was great to see him and he’s here for a visit and to play some polo. (Unless he was pulling my leg) Anyway, Radio Val isn’t the same without him and it will be nice to have him around for awhile.

Now for the tragic news. There was a massive avalanche in the Fornet today and four skiers lost their lives. I don’t feel it’s ‘Alpine’s’ place to comment on the details and everyone at Alpine is feeling for those involved.

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