A privilege and an honour!

12 January 2011

The day started off with fairly clear skies but the light slowly became flatter as the morning wore on. With an avalanche risk rated at 4/5 we took it easy and skied pretty good snow for the most part on gentle terrain. We all headed to Tignes for a change of scenery and to see what’s been happening to the mountain on that side of the resort as we’ve spent a lot of time at the Fornet over the past two weeks. (Just as well as much of the Fornet was closed due to investigations into yesterday’s tragic avalanche)

I’ve had the honour and privilege to be asked by David’s son Jeremy to be a pallbearer at the funeral on Friday. David’s daughter Sasha is also going to read a reading that I’ve prepared not only my behalf, but the Alpine team and friends. Andreas has been asked to usher at the church and we’re both proud to be involved. Gill is coming as well and the three of us leave tomorrow afternoon after skiing and return Saturday night. Many thanks in advance to Tamsin, Inga and Doctor Laura, all of whom will be involved in taking care of them. Chris will take over the daily diary in my absence so please continue to log-on.

I took Millie, Katie and their little pal Anna out this afternoon and they’re all improving with each outing. It’s great fun to watch and wonderful to se the joy on their little faces. They all love a little powder, gullies and unfortunately for me, jumps!

I’m not sure of the weather for tomorrow but it is forecast to warm up and rain while we’re away. (I won’t miss that one little bit!)

Sports Report- West Ham beat another Premiership team last night, that makes four-in-a-row in their Carling Cup run, but there isn’t a Hammer fan anywhere who wouldn’t trade it all for Premiership points.

(I know the people personally who were involved in yesterday’s horrible avalanche and Alpine will leave it to Henry to report about it on his site.)

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