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20 June 2007

31 March 2008
It didn't look good first thing this morning

It didn’t look good first thing this morning looking out my bedroom window as it was grey and there was no evidence of fresh snow. But, as soon as I left the apartment with Katie there was a dusting of snow on the rocks on the peaks and a ‘light-bulb’ showing through the cloud cover, meaning some sort of fresh snow with decent visibility. We were pleasantly surprised to find 5 to 10 centimetres on the top of Bellevarde and as soon as we left the piste off the Verte and Borsat Nord we knew that the ‘stinker’ would have to wait for another day. I skied a good Leisse off the Motte followed by a 90-turn pitch on the Rosilin in excellent snow and visibility before the lights went out. Our next run on the Glacier from the summit of the Motte was an adventure as we needed to feel our way down through a fog (fortunately the snow was brilliant) and then we skied the Kern and Familial to finish. Chris had a couple of runs on the Rosilin and Andreas was around the Col des Ves as everyone had a very good morning when expectations were low. TJ worked today warming up with a beginner but I haven’t heard from him yet. It has snowed lightly all day and sun is forecast for the next couple of days.

30 March 2008
The forecast was spot-on

The forecast was spot-on as we had sun in the morning followed by a slightly cloudy afternoon but the Foehn wind howled all day long. The wind was a big factor and closed down the Grande Motte sector, including Les Lanches. I skied with Max and his ten-year-old twins Olivia and Alex and we ventured into the Sachette, the Familial, and the front-side of the Borast. What a brilliant performance from such young off-pisters! Andreas and Thomas were in the same area as well as Chris who skied an excellent Little Lavachet en route. TJ continued to test his knee with a Sache and Familial, and so far, so good, knock on your noodle! We’re expecting a difficult day tomorrow with flat-light and strong winds, but hopefully with a few centimetres of fresh snow to play with to ease the pain.

PS. Jean Ribart had put his season’s photo on the web so check out our links page!

29 March 2008
After a cloudy start

After a cloudy start the skies cleared almost immediately and we enjoyed a stunning day of sunshine. Chris and I headed to the Glacier Pers for a change of pace and left great tracks all the way down. The snow wasn’t nearly as deep as what we skied yesterday but it was very pleasant with 10cm’s or so on a firm base. Andreas took my mate Max and his ten-year-old daughter Olivia into the Sache and she skied brilliantly making her Daddy proud. TJ was out on his skis today for the first time and warmed up gently before diving into the Col Pers. He felt pretty good for his first day and hasn’t had a bad reaction from the skiing, which is all good news. Millie and Gill went out for a ski and Millie skied the Arcelle piste and the ‘L’ this afternoon. Good girl! Suzanne is back from a week in England where she went to a wedding as well as paying a visit to Jan and Henley. Another sunny day is forecast tomorrow with clouds rolling in during the afternoon with snow arriving for Monday.

28 March 2008
The sun was out this morning

The sun was out this morning and after a lovely week of unseasonably cold temperatures, one can feel that the spring heat is just around the corner. We all headed to Tignes and had an absolutely cracking good ski in the ————-. (Chris tells me someone is following us and thrashing slopes just after I report great stashes on the site. Chris also thinks we need codes, which would be fun) Anyway, it was 10/10 again although it isn’t good everywhere and the spring slopes are about to turn if people give them a chance. I had a nice ski with Millie, Wils and Rosie this afternoon and I’m really pleased about how comfortable and relaxed she is on her skis. Chris wanted me to mention Ralph K and team who did the business today in the ————-, leaving perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks, which always makes us proud. Gill and I have just had TJ over for supper and it’s great to see him back. Hopefully he’ll be organised to start skiing tomorrow as sun is forecast and there’s nothing like bright blue skis to get your feet on the ground again.

27 March 2008
Another 10 to 15 centimetres fell last night

Another 10 to 15 centimetres fell last night and as we left the Gourmadine the skies started to clear, giving us another morning of good light. Chris had a new group and skied in Tignes around the Motte where he witnessed a guided group setting off a good sized plaque off the Leisse. Andreas and I went up to the Fornet for a change of pace and after testing the snow in the Combe du Signal realised that the best snow was on the flatter slopes, and we then had great skiing in the Pays Desert and Col Pers. We were the first over the Col, which always adds to the ambience when you see a trackless expanse of virgin snow before you. TJ arrives tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up at the Rond Point tomorrow to greet everyone as we head off on another adventure. It snowed lightly this afternoon and hopefully our luck will continue with another morning of decent visibility tomorrow. What a rubbish football match last night! I can’t believe another high-priced manager thinks Wayne Rooney up front on his own is a winning formula. England played like a team that didn’t qualify for next summers party because they don’t really deserve to be there. Dreadful!

26 March 2008
Our luck was in again today

Our luck was in again today and with good visibility that improved rapidly into clear blue skies we had a terrific morning around the Motte. It was another ‘maximum turn’ session and we covered a lot of ground with solid non-stop skiing. We had a mix of soft creamy souffle, some fragile souffle with 5 to 10 cm’s on top, and some soft deep snow as well. I don’t know where the rest of the off-piste skiers were, but it was nice to share our spoils with just ‘Alpine’ groups, which seems to have been the case most of the winter. Gill skied this afternoon with Millie, Wils, and Rosie while I had a naughty ice-cream with Katie at the Perdrix, but don’t tell Mum! Ten to twenty cm’s are forecast tonight and the cold snap of the past week is coming to an end, which is too bad as it’s been wonderful. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the France vs England match tonight and Beckham winning his 100th cap. Bravo David

25 March 2008
The shutters were rattling in the wind

In the middle of the night the shutters were rattling in the wind and the chimney was moaning, which meant the wind velocity was serious, and I was thinking we were in for a potential ‘stinker’ in the morning. But around 7AM the wind calmed down a little and the cloud cover was thin giving hope of some decent visibility, and sure enough the visibility was good and improved throughout the day. The wind was still strong enough to keep Tommeuse and the Borsat closed all morning, cutting off our chance of skiing off the Motte and keeping our options to a minimum. Still, the boys did a good job making the best of the conditions on creamy souffle and pockets of compressed powder and it was a really enjoyable morning. We all had off-piste afternoons and fortunately the Borsat opened at 2:20PM with a clean canvas above us and it was one of those rare days when the afternoon skiing was significantly better than what was on offer during the morning. I managed two Funiculars in Tignes and the skiing off the Motte was excellent with lovely creamy snow and some pitches of deep powder that had been protected from the wind. (I have an image of yesterday looming if the light and wind don’t ruin things in the morning.) Anyway, all is good in our world and fingers crossed for a bit of luck in the morning!

24 March 2008
Afternoon excursion to the Motte

After yesterday’s afternoon excursion to the Motte we knew we’d have fantastic skiing up there if the visibility was decent, and luckily we awoke to un-forecasted clear skies. It was -14C in the village this morning and the cold temperatures lightened up the snow even more, turning what was un-skiable two days ago into wonderful deep snow today, giving us another ‘maximum-turn’ morning of wonderful quality. It was a ‘top-ten’ outing sending David R and Richard H home on a high. Chris said Richard skied brilliantly today and he savoured his big beer at Les Tufs with his always present big smile. Thank you to Julia and Andy for a superb Easter Egg Hunt yesterday afternoon, which was incredibly well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Also thanks to Geoff and Inga for an excellent drinks/supper party last night. TJ arrives on Thursday and we’re all looking forward to seeing him back in the mountains and on his skis again. It is now snowing (at 7:30PM) and blowing a gale so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

23 March 2008
About five centimetres fell overnight

About five centimetres fell overnight but the good news was a very cold night, which dried out the snow considerably, followed by excellent visibility this morning. We all headed to the Fornet where I started with three Combe du Signal’s, which got better as we moved across the bowl. The third was outstanding and Pietro spent most of his morning in the Combe before joining Andreas, Chris and I on the Glacier. The Pay Desert was also fantastic with less snow, which worked well as the gentler slopes wouldn’t have skied well with to much depth. All in all it was another great morning at the Fornet and an amazing improvement in snow quality over yesterday. This afternoon I had an initiation-type off-piste session with King Prawn’s brother Adrian and his mate Al (Chris had Greg and his son Alex) and we all went up to the Motte to be stunned by the snow quality upstairs. It was superb! The snow seems to have dried out throughout the day and if the wind is kind tonight, we should have another wonderful day tomorrow.

Sports Report- I was well pleased with the Hammers 1-1 draw away to Everton yesterday and Man U really turned the screws on the Premiership contenders with a 3-0 win over Liverpool. The Chelsea vs Arsenal match later is massive with the loser being almost out of it. Well done to Sunderland for a huge three-points away at Villa and Reading also recorded a potential Premiership-status-saving win over Birmingham.

22 March 2008
At least a metre of snow has fallen over the past 24-hours

At least a metre of snow has fallen over the past 24-hours but we had some wind last night that thickened the snow making for some tough skiing. It cleared up just as Ray had predicted and we managed the first chairs up Solaise and profited with a superb first run skiing powder on the piste. After that we were bogged down for awhile as the snow off-piste called for wider skis than any of us have ever skied, but we did have a couple of surprisingly good runs in the Combe du Lanches to finish the morning. Chris (Frenchie) took some excellent footage in the Sachette the other day where Red Ray opened the main couloir in deep snow followed by David R, Jean R, and

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